‘Black hole’ training and unexpected acupuncture: How to build endurance and avoid injury

Never has the term 'a blessing in disguise' seemed so pertinent to me as this week, when I finally conceded that the pain in my hip and lower back was severe enough to take a break from running and get some professional advice. Okay, so maybe 'a blessing' is a slight exaggeration, but sometimes it [...]

Bad day? Strategies to fall back in love with exercise

As someone who exercises regularly, reads and writes at length about sports and nutrition and enthuses (perhaps rather overzealously at times) about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, it might seem somewhat surprising for me to admit that sometimes I feel really low on energy and lacking in anything even resembling 'get-up-and-go' (and today is [...]

Two marathons run from a hospital bed

As marathon day draws ever closer my fear is tempered with the gratefulness. Sometimes it's easy to forget how lucky I am that I can just get out and run. And keep running. This weekend I completed anther 20 mile race and it felt good. I thought of Clay as I ran, heard his words in [...]

Well, where to start…

Regular readers of this blog might remember a post in which I mentioned a friend of mine who is currently in hospital after a rather dramatic fall from a tree at work. After much pestering on my part he has very kindly written a post for me about his experience and his first (metaphorical) steps on the road [...]

With a little help from my friends 

Whether it's going for an early morning run together, snuggling up to watch a movie, lounging in the spa, sharing music recommendations, seeing an exhibition, cooking supper or just going for a cup of tea, appreciate and enjoy time with your friends this week.

Run, rest, recover, repeat.

There is a slightly irrational part of me that clings to the notion that fitness is a cumulative process, irrespective of periods of rest or injury. I want to believe that somehow our fitness levels go on hold during these stretches of inactivity; that they are suspended while our bones heal and our ligaments and [...]

Man shall not live by bread alone

Amen to that. After three weeks of carbs and cocktails in New York, combined with injury imposed rest, I'm finally getting back into my usual diet and fitness routine. I can tell that I've had a break (and maybe one bagel too many) by the little mound that has developed around my tummy and by the [...]

Grin and bare(foot) it?

This week I put my traditional trainers back on. That's not to say I'm giving up on my Vibrams altogether, but while I'm trying to resolve the issues with my foot I'm regarding it as a necessary compromise, at least for now. It was a strange, but not altogether unpleasant, sensation wearing trad trainers again. [...]

Testing the water

This week I've had some good(ish) news: my x-ray results came back and there was no sign of a stress fracture! It seems what I actually have is bad ligament damage, which I see as a much better state of affairs, not least as one of my worries about the suspected fracture was the doctor's [...]

Massage, relaxation and leaving the wallowing to the hippos

The Friday fractured foot debacle (FFFD) cast a rather disproportionately large shadow over an otherwise pretty amazing week. I'd spent a lovely couple of days with my parents who had come down to visit, which included a delicious trip to Tibits (our favourite vegetarian haunt - so good that even my carnivorous parents love it!), [...]