Run, rest, recover, repeat.

There is a slightly irrational part of me that clings to the notion that fitness is a cumulative process, irrespective of periods of rest or injury. I want to believe that somehow our fitness levels go on hold during these stretches of inactivity; that they are suspended while our bones heal and our ligaments and [...]

Testing the water

This week I've had some good(ish) news: my x-ray results came back and there was no sign of a stress fracture! It seems what I actually have is bad ligament damage, which I see as a much better state of affairs, not least as one of my worries about the suspected fracture was the doctor's [...]

Let’s take this outside

I think I first caught the running bug while at college. Although I don't recall the exact moment that I went from reluctant high school cross country ambler, to jovial jogger, to regular race runner, at some point between 16 and 18 I made the decision to stop telling myself that 'I'm just not built [...]