The final countdown

It's the final countdown before race day. I've been feeling a bit low on energy these last couple of weeks so in an attempt to get myself on form I've been on the vitamin b complex and Berocca, plus plenty of iron rich foods. The efficacy of these tactics are unproven, but I like to [...]

Event Anxiety

With just over a week until my next half marathon and only a little over a month until Tough Mudder I'm starting to get the usual pre-event anxiety. While I enter races totally for my own enjoyment and with no real pressure to get times or places, (in contrast to the swimming competitions of my [...]

Run, rest, recover, repeat.

There is a slightly irrational part of me that clings to the notion that fitness is a cumulative process, irrespective of periods of rest or injury. I want to believe that somehow our fitness levels go on hold during these stretches of inactivity; that they are suspended while our bones heal and our ligaments and [...]