Postpartum planning for mind and body

This month, with a new baby on board, I’ve been exploring the recently launched programme for pregnant women and new mothers: Postpartum Plan. And this week I was lucky enough to interview the founder of the programme, Meg Murray Jones.   Me and Adeline writing p the interview with Postpartum Plan founder, Meg The Postpartum [...]

Managing Anxiety

I’ve always been a worrier. I think years of chalking myself up as ‘just a worrier’ masked what was, at times, a more profound issue. The thing with my worries is that they tend to escalate out of all proportion. They manifest themselves in the form of invasive and negative spirals of thought, sometimes totally [...]

Working From Home?

With the ‘roadmap’ to releasing lockdown in the UK now in place, attention in workplaces across the country is turning to the return to the office. This is something that I know has generated mixed feelings. While some people are desperate to get back behind their desks, others are less keen to give up the [...]

Vegan peanut butter and chocolate Rice Krispie cakes

Florence is back in isolation this week after a positive COVID-19 test in her bubble at her nursery. Luckily she isn't showing any signs of symptoms as yet and is her usual jolly self. As for many people, baking has become one of our favourite 'go to' activities during this pandemic and the various lockdowns. [...]

20 Podcast episodes to keep you company while you exercise

With lockdown restrictions tightening and the distance you can travel for exercise getting ever narrower, it might be that you are exercising alone a lot more at the moment. If, like me, you need a bit of extra motivation, a distraction, or just a bit of company while you are out on those solo stints, [...]

An antidote to the January Blues

It’s January. We are back in lockdown. And it’s freezing. If you are anything like me, you will be feeling at a bit of a low ebb (to say the least). If the bombardment of inspirational messages are making you want to hibernate/cry/drink a bottle of wine, then you are not alone. It’s easy to [...]


I've been debating whether or not to write a post about this year. In some ways, perhaps it is a year best forgotten. But amidst the global awfulness, within our little bubble we have found moments of joy. It is these moments that I would like to remember when I think back on this year: [...]

Children’s books, books, books for Christmas

With news of the launch of in the UK, even during lockdown there is little reason not to treat yourself to a book from your favourite independent book shop. I have to admit that I probably spend more than average on books. Be they for myself, my daughter, or as as gifts, I rarely [...]

Le sac, c’est moi.

Over the past year or so I've developed a new-found appreciation of books of essays. I think it all began with Marina Keegan's 'The Opposite of Loneliness', which sent me down a rabbit hole of pleasing, concisely-written discourses on everything from the tyranny of possessions (E.B.White) to litter picking (David Sedaris). The joy of a [...]

Mind the gap? Dealing with diastasis recti

I’ve mentioned my diastasis on the blog before, but over the months since I originally noticed the problem, the separation in my abdominal muscles seems to have become worse (or at least it’s no better). In fact, it has reached a point where I’ve been mistaken for being pregnant on more than one occasion, which [...]