I’ve been debating whether or not to write a post about this year. In some ways, perhaps it is a year best forgotten. But amidst the global awfulness, within our little bubble we have found moments of joy. It is these moments that I would like to remember when I think back on this year: the occasions I was able to share with my wonderful family and friends (and not just over Zoom). The times we were able to be close, even when we were kept two metres apart.

After this year I will never again take a hug for granted. Or the ability to meet with a group of friends without counting how many we are. I will cherish the precious time I am able to spend with family and friends. I will not take as given the ability to gather together indoors, in our homes and in public places – swimming pools, libraries, galleries, kids soft play areas, restaurants and cafes – or just accept that these amazing facilities exist as a given. I will forever be grateful for the green spaces in London – for the amazing parks and playgrounds and for the forests just a stone’s throw (or at least a short drive) away.

This year I have learnt of myself that while I’m resistant to change, I can work through it and come out ok, maybe even better, at the other end. That all that is solid can indeed melt into air. I’ve learnt that it is ok to ask for help when it is needed and that the only person judging me for asking is me.

Looking back over my photographs of this year, I wanted to document some of the gorgeously normal moments that shine with joy because of the beautiful people within them. If this year has taught me anything, it is that the people in my life are the most valuable, precious things I have and that together – in person or in spirit = we can weather the worst (and best) of times.

2020 before COVID 19, when we were allowed to snuggle, eat indoors, go to toddler groups and fitness camps

Walks with friends, whatever the weather

Family time between the waves

Museums, galleries and heritage sites

Moments of new normal (depending on what the rules allow)

And moments like this, which kept me going

Love you all too much.

Here is to 2021. And things to look forward to…

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