‘Black hole’ training and unexpected acupuncture: How to build endurance and avoid injury

Never has the term 'a blessing in disguise' seemed so pertinent to me as this week, when I finally conceded that the pain in my hip and lower back was severe enough to take a break from running and get some professional advice. Okay, so maybe 'a blessing' is a slight exaggeration, but sometimes it [...]

Race or pace

This weekend I've experienced the two polar-opposite elements of marathon training. On the one hand, Saturday saw me enjoying a sports massage and physio session followed by an afternoon in the spa with the girls to help 'loosen my muscles'. On the other, Sunday involved a 20 mile race requiring a 5am start. On Friday [...]

With a little help from my friendsĀ 

Whether it's going for an early morning run together, snuggling up to watch a movie, lounging in the spa, sharing music recommendations, seeing an exhibition, cooking supper or just going for a cup of tea, appreciate and enjoy time with your friends this week.