The path of true love never did run smooth

After a brief hiatus following a stint of over-training and a series of injuries, my love affair with running has resumed with a vengeance. Having dropped my weekly average mileage to around 25 miles, I am finding that when I do run I have more strength and energy, that my times are gradually improving and, [...]

Marathon training: here we go againĀ 

Last week marked the start of my 2016 marathon training plan. Just like last year, I am relying on a Hal Higdon schedule to get me through, and, just like last year, I'm totally terrified that I won't be able to go the distance. You would think that having run the HH training plan previously [...]


This weekend I ran in my first trail race. The event was part of the Rat Race Trailblazer series, in association with Runner's World; held in Bedgebury Forest, just outside of Tunbridge Wells, it was the perfect setting on the most beautiful, sunny day. I entered the race with my Tough Mudder pals, Lucy and [...]

Let’s talk about sex (and sports performance)

Should you or shouldn't you have sex before a race?

Grin and bare(foot) it?

This week I put my traditional trainers back on. That's not to say I'm giving up on my Vibrams altogether, but while I'm trying to resolve the issues with my foot I'm regarding it as a necessary compromise, at least for now. It was a strange, but not altogether unpleasant, sensation wearing trad trainers again. [...]