Life after a marathon

So you train and then you train some more. You eat, sleep and breath marathon. It motivates you on your long runs and it's the intention of your yoga practice. You've read all the books and bought all of the kit and then, suddenly, it's all over. From my (albeit limited) experience, people respond to [...]

Well, where to start…

Regular readers of this blog might remember a post in which I mentioned a friend of mine who is currently in hospital after a rather dramatic fall from a tree at work. After much pestering on my part he has very kindly written a post for me about his experience and his first (metaphorical) steps on the road [...]

Active rest

Ok, so I know it's an oxymoron but stay with me on this one. Sleep is one seemingly small factor that can have a massive impact on performance in all areas of our lives. Whether it's feeling on top of your work schedule or hitting your target running times, just the simplest thing of having [...]

Seeing double

On Tuesday this week, when my lunch-date plans fell through, my mind automatically turned to running. As it was such a beautiful day I was all too tempted to get outside for a quick jog along the river. However, my schedule called for a 7 mile run, (which I'd planned to do that evening), and [...]

Red wine, olives and not much sleep, or a lesson in questionable training practices

I'm not sure how long it's been now since I accepted 'tired' as my default setting. Back in March I wrote about our tendency to be 'tired and wired', and although after that post I made tweaks to my lifestyle for a week or so, I seem to have slipped back into the same pattern [...]

Massage, relaxation and leaving the wallowing to the hippos

The Friday fractured foot debacle (FFFD) cast a rather disproportionately large shadow over an otherwise pretty amazing week. I'd spent a lovely couple of days with my parents who had come down to visit, which included a delicious trip to Tibits (our favourite vegetarian haunt - so good that even my carnivorous parents love it!), [...]