What’s your priority? Why it’s ok not to do it all.

'What's the priority?'; 'get your priorities straight'; 'you need to prioritise' - these are all phrases that we've either heard uttered or used ourselves at some stage, be it linked to work, an exercise schedule, romantic relationships, or family and friends. Last week I read an article by Catherine Turner in Women's Health, which really [...]

Find what feels good

As regular readers will know, I seem to have discovered my inner yogi of late. In fact, while I've been getting over my post-race cold and chest infection (I'm currently coughing like a 40-a-day smoker and even I have to concede that running just isn't a good idea), yoga has been my saviour. I discovered [...]

Massage, relaxation and leaving the wallowing to the hippos

The Friday fractured foot debacle (FFFD) cast a rather disproportionately large shadow over an otherwise pretty amazing week. I'd spent a lovely couple of days with my parents who had come down to visit, which included a delicious trip to Tibits (our favourite vegetarian haunt - so good that even my carnivorous parents love it!), [...]