Exercising with injury

Bandaged knees, finger tape, ankle and wrist supports, all familiar badges of injury and the desire to carry on regardless. As many readers will know, the problem with training regularly and striving to improve your performance is that it inevitably leads to stresses and strains on your body that can, in turn, lead to injury. [...]

An ode to swimming

I still love swimming. Still, because it was the sport of my teenage years and the time I spent dedicated to it had the potential to backfire. Training took up my Friday nights and Saturday mornings. We swam before school, after school, Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings. We'd spend hours at a time at the [...]

Stretch it out

A guest post for a Friday from my running club team mate and fellow fitness blogger Bex Howitt: With new yoga studios popping up all over place, it is easier than ever to take up yoga and to find a style that suits you. If reciting chants at the beginning of the lesson isn’t your [...]

Hanging around the Biscuit Factory

I think it was the images of ‘hanging tough’ and the Tough Mudder monkey bars that inspired my TM team mate Sandra to suggest we start climbing. It was something that she had been tempted to try for a while and this seemed like the perfect excuse (if any was needed) to start. She first [...]

Vegan Valentine

Six months ago I took the plunge of going from being a meat-chomping milk guzzler to a committed vegan. It was a transformation achieved quite literally overnight: one evening I went to bed with a bellyful of chicken and milky hot chocolate, and the next morning woke up swearing off all animal-derived products – forever, [...]

Just dance

There is something so very liberating about throwing yourself, heart and soul, into a dance, and something about the combination of choreographed movement and music that really holds you in the moment.

Let’s take this outside

I think I first caught the running bug while at college. Although I don't recall the exact moment that I went from reluctant high school cross country ambler, to jovial jogger, to regular race runner, at some point between 16 and 18 I made the decision to stop telling myself that 'I'm just not built [...]