Waking up forgotten muscles

With exercise, as with all routines, it's easy to get into a rut. You find yourself going through the motions but not really pushing yourself; lacing up your trainers or rolling out your yoga mat, but not fully engaging in the activity you are doing. When this happens, it's easy to plateau, or worse, to [...]

Maybe it really is the taking part that counts…

So this next post comes with a warning: I think I might be getting a bit hippy.  (Ok, I mean a bit more hippy than being a tree-hugging, coconut water-swigging, tofu-eating, animal loving vegan.) You were warned. During my run on Sunday I experienced something new: the ability to watch my pacer go ahead of [...]

It was the week that…

It's funny how some weeks seem to take an eternity, with each day ambling on without haste, while others just race by and before you know it's the weekend again. This week most certainly falls into the latter category. After a week like this, it's nice to take a minute to reflect on the goings [...]

Mud, Mettle and Mind over Matter

I am now officially a Tough Mudder! Yesterday we ran 12 hilly, muddy miles interspersed with 24 obstacles to cross the TM London South finish line. The day began at 5:00am with a quick shower, cup of tea and a banana before layering and warming up with a 2.5km run to the train station to [...]

(Soon to be) Tough Mudder

So there are just 3 more days to go until TM-day and I'll admit I'm petrified and slightly questioning why it was I thought this was such a good idea. On Sunday Sandra, Lucy and I had our second to last training session, on Thursday we have our last. Sunday's session was good fun, but [...]

The fear of missing out

It was mid-run, having raced around an 8.5k loop on my lunch break, via the store to grab some lunch, while thinking about the work for that afternoon, and panicking that I'd missed a friend's birthday, and worrying that it has been an age since I went climbing, and slightly disappointed that I'd missed an [...]

Miscellaneous bits and pieces

There are weeks when I have a clear idea of what I want to write; when the topic is inspired by an event or conversation during my week and the post is focused with a clear thread, (or at least I  hope this to be the case). And then there are other weeks when my [...]