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Anna and Louise on a runThere are weeks when I have a clear idea of what I want to write; when the topic is inspired by an event or conversation during my week and the post is focused with a clear thread, (or at least I  hope this to be the case). And then there are other weeks when my mind is a cacophony of thoughts, all buzzing around competing for space and my resultant writings are somewhat amorphous, and I fear that the present post falls into this latter category.

With this caveat in place, I will proceed.

This last week I returned to climbing for the first time since my injury. With the exception of my little foray in New York, on Saturday morning I enjoyed my first proper session back after almost three months away.

In this hiatus I had clearly forgotten quite how tiring climbing can be, and while to my relief I had retained some of my technique, (or what little I ever had), my strength had certainly depleted and after two hours I was exhausted.

Luckily one of my friends, Gabriel, was willing to climb some easy routes with me, and we focused on climbing a full circuit and starting to get my endurance levels back up, rather than climbing for difficulty.

The session was also augmented by a long overdue cup of tea and catch-up with my lovely friend Josh, who works at The Arch, and who I was able to apprehend, albeit all too briefly, for some much needed tea-fuelled rest time.

While exhausting, it was so great to be back on the wall; I’d forgotten quite how much I love it. Nerves overcome, I’m now ready and raring to get back into it properly over the coming weeks.

I have also been continuing to enjoy my commuter runs and have discovered the perfect 7km route home, which I’m convinced actually works out quicker than the tube route, not to mention being significantly more pleasant (as anyone who takes either the Victoria or Northern Line at rush hour will appreciate).

However, on a commuter run on Monday I took my first running fall, which really knocked me back.

I’m not sure whether I fell over a paving slab or my own feet, (which would be unsurprising since I’m inclined to be somewhat clumsy), but either way the result was finding myself sprawled in the road with rather a bloody knee and chin (I was going to share the rather gory image here but I will save you from that!). Luckily Anna (top right) was running with me and she immediately came to my rescue, picking me up, cleaning me off and getting me back to the office for some much needed antiseptic wipes and plasters.

We still managed to complete the run, meeting Louise (top left) en route, although I have to admit I ran the rest of the way rather gingerly. Still, the payoff at the end was a juice and gossip with my favourite Twins in Trainers, Becks and Jess, with Becks just back from a three week yoga retreat and Jess on the brink of a triathlon they left me feeling inspired as ever.

The TiTs are my Paris Marathon partners and marathon gurus, and we talked training and trainers (as I am on the hunt for a new pair), and debated joining the Yoga Haven/Clapham Junction Whole Foods running club, which promises a free smoothie at the end of each run (hard to resist!).

I have been deliberating for a while whether or not to join a running club to potentially help to accelerate my training.

Jess is a seasoned club member and my Tough Mudder teammate, Lucy, swears by the Nike running club, but I’m slightly apprehensive that the feeling of making my running ‘official’ and structured might be counterproductive and put me off. Still, Becks and I have resolved to try the club just to see and I will report back. Almod breeze coffee

This has also been a good week for tasty vegan treats. In Tesco I stumbled upon an Almond Breeze iced coffee drink, which was rather sweet but nice all the same and just what I needed on a Monday morning. At Crussh they have started to offer soya or almond milk in their smoothies and I indulged in a rather delicious pineapple, mango, peach, banana, coconut milk, orange juice and almond milk smoothie, which was just too tasty.

I also made a trip to Senzala in Brixton, which has the most amazing menu of vegan crepes. The only downside is that everything sounds too good and unaccustomed to such choice I struggled to make a decision. Luckily I was with my very accommodating boyfriend who was happy to go vegan and we ordered two to share.

With this array of such tasty treats in mind I had better get going and get my trainers back on!

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