Covering new ground

After weeks of trying to run through the pain, this week my ankles finally swelled up and gave up, bringing me, quite literally, to a stand still. I've been suffering from peroneal tendonitis, which began with a nagging pain running along the outside of my lower leg and into my foot and has now reached [...]

Learning the ropes

We always said, when we started climbing, that we would learn with the intention of taking it outside, and while we love our trips to The Biscuit Factory, the move into Spring over the past couple of weeks has really had me itching to venture out into the wild. Until now, the idea of climbing [...]

Hanging around the Biscuit Factory

I think it was the images of ‘hanging tough’ and the Tough Mudder monkey bars that inspired my TM team mate Sandra to suggest we start climbing. It was something that she had been tempted to try for a while and this seemed like the perfect excuse (if any was needed) to start. She first [...]