I wanna dance with somebody

'Consider the similarities between a modern exercise class and an ancient religious rite - the wise leader guiding the group through a series of ritualised movements, in perfect synchronisation.' I was reminded of this quote from Alex Hutchinson at my Zumba class this week, watching in the mirror as we all moved in (almost) perfect [...]

Working off the weekend

I'm back from a blissfully long weekend in the countryside with my family. We enjoyed country strolls, country air and, of course, country pubs! Weekends away don't necessarily have to mean total blowout on your exercise regime and diet. Squeezing in a quick run and a leisurely country walk can keep you from veering too [...]

Just dance

There is something so very liberating about throwing yourself, heart and soul, into a dance, and something about the combination of choreographed movement and music that really holds you in the moment.