My First Veganniversary

A guest post from my good friend and fellow blogger Georgina, to celebrate her first year as a vegan.  I feel, today, rather like I have graduated from a training school. One year ago precisely I resolved to go vegan, and reaching this milestone feels akin to passing from the ranks of raw recruits to [...]

Stretch it out

A guest post for a Friday from my running club team mate and fellow fitness blogger Bex Howitt: With new yoga studios popping up all over place, it is easier than ever to take up yoga and to find a style that suits you. If reciting chants at the beginning of the lesson isn’t your [...]

Vegan Valentine

Six months ago I took the plunge of going from being a meat-chomping milk guzzler to a committed vegan. It was a transformation achieved quite literally overnight: one evening I went to bed with a bellyful of chicken and milky hot chocolate, and the next morning woke up swearing off all animal-derived products – forever, [...]