It was the week that…

It's funny how some weeks seem to take an eternity, with each day ambling on without haste, while others just race by and before you know it's the weekend again. This week most certainly falls into the latter category. After a week like this, it's nice to take a minute to reflect on the goings [...]

Surprisingly tasty ingredient combinations

I recently encountered a recipe on one of the health food blogs that I subscribe to, which suggested adding avocado to your porridge. Now, while I like to think of myself as being quite open to slightly unusual ingredient combinations, and while I love both porridge and avo, eaten together this just seemed a bridge [...]

The final countdown

It's the final countdown before race day. I've been feeling a bit low on energy these last couple of weeks so in an attempt to get myself on form I've been on the vitamin b complex and Berocca, plus plenty of iron rich foods. The efficacy of these tactics are unproven, but I like to [...]

Run, yoga, run, roast dinner

Having a really perfect weekend can result in my mood going one of two ways come Monday morning: either it can leave me with an awful case of the Monday morning blues, or, as I'm pleased to say is the case this week, it can leave me ready and energised for the week ahead. Amongst [...]

My First Veganniversary

A guest post from my good friend and fellow blogger Georgina, to celebrate her first year as a vegan.  I feel, today, rather like I have graduated from a training school. One year ago precisely I resolved to go vegan, and reaching this milestone feels akin to passing from the ranks of raw recruits to [...]

Tofutti Cutie

I think I would be doing a gross disservice to the American gastronomic tradition if I didn't write at least one post about food during my trip, so here goes. While there is a tendency to write-off American cuisine as a mass of burgers and doughnuts, and thus not terribly vegan or waistband friendly, my [...]

The cost of healthy living

As the end of the month approached, yet again I found myself rather penniless and with the cupboards somewhat bare. You see, while London is one of the most beautiful, busy and bustling cities in the world, it is also one of the most expensive. Combine this with costly sports membership fees, an appetite for healthy (but pricey) [...]

Fat is not just a feminist issue

During a post-climb pub trip with some of the guys from The Arch last week I found myself engaged in a conversation about the perennially interesting and almost invariably controversial topic of diet. It was fascinating to have an insight into the male perspective on diet and to hear their thoughts on body proportions and [...]

In conversation with Victoria Pendleton

There is something about the dedication and discipline of professional athletes that leaves me in a degree of awe. For me, looking to these sporting idols plays a valuable role in motivating my training and, by extension, enhance my performance. At club level, I've always picked out players or team mates I aspire to match, [...]

Be:Fit London, the new Vitality Show?

The Vitality Show has been an annual event on my calendar for some years now; a decadent day of health and fitness related products, talks, food and fashion, shared with my water polo team mate and fellow vegan Soph. The show is always a great way to indulge our exercise and alternative eating interests, as [...]