Running numbers

Is there a benefit to using a run tracker and can it improve your performance?

Tired and wired: Tips to help you feel less frazzled in a 24/7 world

While I pride myself on being 'healthy', living in a city where everything is open long after we should all be in bed and where everyday is spent charging from meeting to meeting and firefighting emails, I realise that I have become programmed to think that being tired and wired is the norm.

Drop and give me ten: Trying out a British Military Fitness workout

Ok, I admit it, I'm a floozy. Monogamy just isn't for me. You see, the thing is, I love running, I really do. It offers me all I could want: it torches fat, it gets me outside if I want to go outside, or, if I want to stay inside, I can just jump on [...]

Learning the ropes

We always said, when we started climbing, that we would learn with the intention of taking it outside, and while we love our trips to The Biscuit Factory, the move into Spring over the past couple of weeks has really had me itching to venture out into the wild. Until now, the idea of climbing [...]

Working off the weekend

I'm back from a blissfully long weekend in the countryside with my family. We enjoyed country strolls, country air and, of course, country pubs! Weekends away don't necessarily have to mean total blowout on your exercise regime and diet. Squeezing in a quick run and a leisurely country walk can keep you from veering too [...]

This is where you start getting stronger: The benefits of circuit training

Thinking about how to train when coming back from injury?

Let them eat (vegan) cake

For those tempted to abstain from animal produce for Lent, or those just looking to cut down on dairy products more generally, here is proof that you don't need to give up cake!