You can’t win them all

I was debating whether or not to write about this weekend after such a disappointing performance on Sunday, but now, having processed the day and having figured out a strategy going forward I decided, if nothing else, writing would be a cathartic process and help to put the day to rest, so here goes... I suppose [...]

The final countdown

It's the final countdown before race day. I've been feeling a bit low on energy these last couple of weeks so in an attempt to get myself on form I've been on the vitamin b complex and Berocca, plus plenty of iron rich foods. The efficacy of these tactics are unproven, but I like to [...]

Run, yoga, run, roast dinner

Having a really perfect weekend can result in my mood going one of two ways come Monday morning: either it can leave me with an awful case of the Monday morning blues, or, as I'm pleased to say is the case this week, it can leave me ready and energised for the week ahead. Amongst [...]

Event Anxiety

With just over a week until my next half marathon and only a little over a month until Tough Mudder I'm starting to get the usual pre-event anxiety. While I enter races totally for my own enjoyment and with no real pressure to get times or places, (in contrast to the swimming competitions of my [...]

Birthday blog

Last week was my birthday. This year, somehow, from not having organised any festivities and being consumed by the usual denial and panic of yet another year passing with terrifying rapidity, I seem to have experienced the best birthday on record. It began the Tuesday before with a night of fizz and gossip with one [...]

Progress, or the arbitrary rationalisation of numbers

As with my last post I'd like to preface the below with a caveat: I've been doing rather too much thinking and reading this week and as a result the following post could border on the indulgent (even more so than usual), tenuous and/or nonsensical. With that in mind, let's begin. On Wednesday I attended a [...]

Miscellaneous bits and pieces

There are weeks when I have a clear idea of what I want to write; when the topic is inspired by an event or conversation during my week and the post is focused with a clear thread, (or at least I  hope this to be the case). And then there are other weeks when my [...]