Perfection lost (and found)

'[I]f you’ve got a body that works and does what it’s supposed to do please look after it, and use it, and make the most of it, because it’s an incredible luxury and privilege.' Last week I watched the first vlog from friend and fellow blogger, Ruth Chesworth. Regular readers may be familiar with Ruth's blog [...]

Run, rest, recover, repeat.

There is a slightly irrational part of me that clings to the notion that fitness is a cumulative process, irrespective of periods of rest or injury. I want to believe that somehow our fitness levels go on hold during these stretches of inactivity; that they are suspended while our bones heal and our ligaments and [...]

Ordering the chaos (or at least a small part of it)

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. Shit happens. Whether it's on a personal, national or international scale, there are those events that force us to take stock of our circumstances, to re-evaluate and put things into perspective. In these instances you find yourself re-prioritising and it becomes eminently clear what really matters and what [...]

My First Veganniversary

A guest post from my good friend and fellow blogger Georgina, to celebrate her first year as a vegan.  I feel, today, rather like I have graduated from a training school. One year ago precisely I resolved to go vegan, and reaching this milestone feels akin to passing from the ranks of raw recruits to [...]

City Streets: The 10 City Challenge

I'm fast subscribing to the belief that to see any city properly you have to run in it. Running closes up the distances between landmarks, reveals new and interesting vistas and helps you to orientate yourself, (albeit, in my case, more often than not through the act of first getting lost). Seeing other runners on [...]

Man shall not live by bread alone

Amen to that. After three weeks of carbs and cocktails in New York, combined with injury imposed rest, I'm finally getting back into my usual diet and fitness routine. I can tell that I've had a break (and maybe one bagel too many) by the little mound that has developed around my tummy and by the [...]