Don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t miss out on it either

It is all too easy find yourself caught up in a whole host of trivial worries and irritations, or preoccupied with concerns that are outside of your control. Whether it's feeling rubbish on a run, grumpy having been caught in an over-full train carriage on your commute, stressed or overwhelmed by a hectic work schedule, rotten after a [...]

Wedding fever!

Nothing can disrupt a run of clean eating like a wedding. And in the past fortnight I've had two. That said, I've had two pretty perfect weekends, so sacrificing my health streak (or maybe just suspending it temporarily?) was certainly worthwhile. First, it was the wedding of my pseudo-cousin and life-long, lovely friend, Laura, to [...]

Bite-size health

One of my utter guilty pleasures is buying fitness magazines. At around £4 a time they're not the thriftiest of indulgences, then again, in my defence, they're not the most expensive (at least they're not designer shoes or handbags). I also justify my spending by that fact that these magazines provide motivation for my workouts [...]

Getting (un)comfortable

When you've been doing any sport for a prolonged period, it's not unusual to suddenly realise that you've been resting in your comfort zone. If I'm honest, I'm a comfort zone kind of a girl. I'm happy to kick out a gentle 8km jog of a lunch break, or a lazy Sunday 15km along the canal, and [...]