Wedding fever!

place settingNothing can disrupt a run of clean eating like a wedding. And in the past fortnight I’ve had two.

That said, I’ve had two pretty perfect weekends, so sacrificing my health streak (or maybe just suspending it temporarily?) was certainly worthwhile.

First, it was the wedding of my pseudo-cousin and life-long, lovely friend, Laura, to her perfect partner Ed.

The wedding was at a beautiful country house in the Shropshire countryside, with a warren of elegant rooms and a beautiful garden, stocked full of vegetable produce. The ceremony was in a chapel in the garden, decorated with gorgeous flowers and with a roaring open fire.

Laura looked so, so beautiful as she approached the chapel with her dad, my uncle John, and I was so happy for her and for Ed that I cried even before she had made it down the isle (much to R’s amusement).

L E and JThe whole day was utter bliss – romance, great company, delicious vegan food and then lots and lots of dancing! All of our family was there and it was so wonderful to be able to share such a perfect day all together.

R’s mum was down for the wedding and she stayed with us at my parents’ house, which was only a short drive from the venue. On the Sunday morning after the wedding we went on a lovely little walk to blow away the cobwebs and she told me about her new fitness tracker and app.

She has a watch-like tracker which not only acts as a pedometer but also tracks general activity levels and sleep patterns. It feeds back the data to your phone where you can set targets and reminders so that you don’t remain inactive for too long at a time.

me and rsUnsurprisingly I wanted one immediately. However, R has become quite adept at moderating my whims, so while I was dissuaded from instantly getting onto Amazon to buy this new fitness gadget, what it did inspire me to do was re-install MyFitnessPal, which I’ve not used for a few months, and get back in control of my eating and exercise balance.

It was a good week to restart my healthy eating as the following Saturday I was due to be bridesmaid for one of my oldest friends, Fin to her high school sweetheart, Tom.

I headed back to my parents’ house again on Thursday evening so that I could help out with the decorating of the village hall on Friday.

s and tThe reception was in a beautiful hall on the Staffordshire Moorlands and we spent the day putting up pom-poms, rearranging furniture, covering chairs, setting out and laying tables, folding napkins and organising flowers. When we had finished the hall was utterly transformed.

The wedding day was heavenly and just flew by! We spent the morning getting ready all together – Fin, our other childhood friend, Lorna, and our fellow bridesmaid, Jayne, along with Fin’s parents.

The wedding itself saw me in tears again (although I just about held it together for my reading!) and then out into the chilly May sunshine for photos.

The evening brought speeches, delicious food and more dancing to the live band!

photo 3I still have a close group of school friends and it was so lovely to all be together and to spend the evening catching up, laughing and dancing until we could dance no more.

After two such perfect (and perfectly decadent) weekends we are back home in London for the Bank Holiday and I’m looking forward to getting back to my Friday night yoga class and Saturday morning Park Run.

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