Outside option – the benefits of the great outdoors

It was as I was sitting outside in the park on a rather chilly Wednesday lunchtime, eating a salad while wrapped up a jacket and scarf, that I was inspired to write this post. You see, I have inherited from my mum an overpowering belief that being outdoors is inherently good for you. As a child [...]

Salad days

After last week's proclamation of a health kick, and with a few good salads under my belt, the healthy eating started in earnest this week. I'm working towards little targets, the first being our holiday in September, which gives me seven weeks (and counting!) of being good to my body. I'm not reviewing improvement in [...]

Has green become the new black?

Anyone who has glimpsed the book charts recently, picked up a lifestyle magazine, ventured into the healthy-living area of the blogosphere or encountered an Instagram account using the hashtag 'eatclean', will probably have noticed that 'wellness' is the movement of the moment. Whether it's channelled through yoga retreats, or regular trips to juice bars, detox [...]

Wellbeing at work

So it may (or may not) have been on your radar, but last Friday was 'wellbeing at work day'. Most of us spend more time at work than at any other place. For this reason, it's so important that we not only feel satisfied and fulfilled by the jobs we do, but that we can [...]

Bite-size health

One of my utter guilty pleasures is buying fitness magazines. At around £4 a time they're not the thriftiest of indulgences, then again, in my defence, they're not the most expensive (at least they're not designer shoes or handbags). I also justify my spending by that fact that these magazines provide motivation for my workouts [...]

Marathon fever – Paris

Regular readers may be vaguely aware (I think I might have alluded to it once or twice?!) that on Sunday I was set to run in the Paris marathon. After months of training, lots of new kit (all totally necessary of course), a number of practice races, miles of long Sunday runs (and post-run Sunday afternoon [...]

Mind games

I watched this TED talk this morning and it really moved me and got me thinking. I don't want to paraphrase or summarise in this instance, I just urge you to watch. (Opens in a new window)

The unexpected intimacy of exercise

So, I have something to confess: I've got a bit of a crush. It all started with running. We both like to run. We are actually both training for a marathon and as a result we understand each other’s desire to talk about training a lot of the time, and about food, rest and recovery [...]

Why run?

It is not uncommon, when I'm lacing up my trainers on a chilly, dark morning, or packing up my running rucksack at the end of a busy day ready to run my commute, or pulling on a jumper before I dash out for a lunchtime jog, that someone asks me why I do it. And while [...]

When does just running become marathon training?

With just 16 weeks until the Paris Marathon, I've been starting to think seriously about my marathon training schedule. Although I run three or four times a week at the moment, I know that I will need to turn this up a notch if I want to complete the 26 miles that lie ahead. So [...]