Child’s play

Last weekend I spent an afternoon with a friend and her two young daughters (NB not the image above which is of my two nephews!). Having arrived just after they had returned from their respective gymnastics and dancing classes we were greeted with a display of handstands and cartwheels across the lawn and a rendition of [...]

The path of true love never did run smooth

After a brief hiatus following a stint of over-training and a series of injuries, my love affair with running has resumed with a vengeance. Having dropped my weekly average mileage to around 25 miles, I am finding that when I do run I have more strength and energy, that my times are gradually improving and, [...]

Pretty Honest

With the exception of the addition of an eyebrow pencil about 18 months ago and the occasional change to my mascara brand, I have to admit that my make-up routine has remained largely unchanged for the past 10 years. This is not because I've found the perfect combination of products, which make my skin glow [...]

Are you feeling lucky?

There are a few turns of phrase, which my mum repeated to us so frequently as children, they have become ingrained in my psyche and I often find myself parroting them even now, hearing her voice in my own. 'I wants don't get'; 'sometimes you have to think of others'; 'when it's gone it's gone'; [...]

A good influence?

Like many health and wellness bloggers I try to surround myself with positive and inspirational people and media, not only to stay abreast of the latest fitness and diet trends to report back on here, but also to keep me motivated, optimistic and to try to help mould me into the best version of myself [...]