Are you feeling lucky?

There are a few turns of phrase, which my mum repeated to us so frequently as children, they have become ingrained in my psyche and I often find myself parroting them even now, hearing her voice in my own. 'I wants don't get'; 'sometimes you have to think of others'; 'when it's gone it's gone'; [...]

Buying your way to happiness?

Apologies for the silence of late. This is certainly not on account of having nothing to write about - far from it, since I seem to be stockpiling articles that I've earmarked for review - but rather due to the distractions offered by plentiful amounts of running (with the start of the cross country season), reading (since [...]

The truth is bitter sweet

'Anything can be made dispiriting when turned into an obligation.' Such were the words of Oliver Burkeman in his column in the Guardian Magazine this weekend. Burkeman was actually writing in response to a recent research project on the link between sex and happiness, in which participants were asked to double their weekly volume of [...]