All gear and no idea

This was a phrase that R introduced me to at a recent race as we were warming up together and watching the other runners as they arrived. The last few races that I've entered have been small, club-run events, set up for people training for a marathon. As a non-club runner this has been particularly terrifying: [...]

Two marathons run from a hospital bed

As marathon day draws ever closer my fear is tempered with the gratefulness. Sometimes it's easy to forget how lucky I am that I can just get out and run. And keep running. This weekend I completed anther 20 mile race and it felt good. I thought of Clay as I ran, heard his words in [...]

Protein power

Some readers may be familiar with the unmistakable sweet and chalky, but not altogether unpleasant taste that comes from protein powder. Whether it's mixed in with yogurt, shaken up with a smoothie or mixed into soups or oats, there is a distinctive taste that comes from giving your food that extra powdery protein boost. I [...]

Your happiness makes me happy

There isn't a fixed amount of happiness; you getting some doesn't mean less for me.

Well, where to start…

Regular readers of this blog might remember a post in which I mentioned a friend of mine who is currently in hospital after a rather dramatic fall from a tree at work. After much pestering on my part he has very kindly written a post for me about his experience and his first (metaphorical) steps on the road [...]

Maybe it really is the taking part that counts…

So this next post comes with a warning: I think I might be getting a bit hippy.  (Ok, I mean a bit more hippy than being a tree-hugging, coconut water-swigging, tofu-eating, animal loving vegan.) You were warned. During my run on Sunday I experienced something new: the ability to watch my pacer go ahead of [...]

Just three little words: Iliotibial band syndrome

ITB. The three letters runners dread to hear.With marathon season fast approaching, and with the long runs for those training now hitting 18 miles or more, this is the time that injuries begin to creep in, particularly among those whose bodies are not yet used to the 40 miles plus each week that they are being [...]

Race or pace

This weekend I've experienced the two polar-opposite elements of marathon training. On the one hand, Saturday saw me enjoying a sports massage and physio session followed by an afternoon in the spa with the girls to help 'loosen my muscles'. On the other, Sunday involved a 20 mile race requiring a 5am start. On Friday [...]

With a little help from my friends 

Whether it's going for an early morning run together, snuggling up to watch a movie, lounging in the spa, sharing music recommendations, seeing an exhibition, cooking supper or just going for a cup of tea, appreciate and enjoy time with your friends this week.