Active rest

Ok, so I know it's an oxymoron but stay with me on this one. Sleep is one seemingly small factor that can have a massive impact on performance in all areas of our lives. Whether it's feeling on top of your work schedule or hitting your target running times, just the simplest thing of having [...]

Seeing double

On Tuesday this week, when my lunch-date plans fell through, my mind automatically turned to running. As it was such a beautiful day I was all too tempted to get outside for a quick jog along the river. However, my schedule called for a 7 mile run, (which I'd planned to do that evening), and [...]

I wanna dance with somebody

'Consider the similarities between a modern exercise class and an ancient religious rite - the wise leader guiding the group through a series of ritualised movements, in perfect synchronisation.' I was reminded of this quote from Alex Hutchinson at my Zumba class this week, watching in the mirror as we all moved in (almost) perfect [...]

The unexpected intimacy of exercise

So, I have something to confess: I've got a bit of a crush. It all started with running. We both like to run. We are actually both training for a marathon and as a result we understand each other’s desire to talk about training a lot of the time, and about food, rest and recovery [...]

Why run?

It is not uncommon, when I'm lacing up my trainers on a chilly, dark morning, or packing up my running rucksack at the end of a busy day ready to run my commute, or pulling on a jumper before I dash out for a lunchtime jog, that someone asks me why I do it. And while [...]

Smooth criminal

It was somewhere between cutting up my second kiwi and throwing a handful of ice into the blender that R decided to tell me about the research he'd read on the negative impact that blending has on the nutritional value of fruit; specifically that it increases its GI and, in his words, 'basically makes it [...]

A weighty issue

So here is the thing: exercise is good for you. This is the startling discovery, revealed in a news report today, based on new research from the University of Cambridge and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Ok, I'm being glib, that's not all the report said; what it highlighted was the fact [...]