My barefoot-running brother-in-law

At well over 6ft, often running barefoot with a Rhodesian ridgeback and child or two in tow, my brother-in-law, Georg, is hard to miss. This axe-wielding, Thai boxing, trail running father of three has always inspired me, not only with his ability to push through a marathon no matter what, but also in how he [...]

Eat and Run

With marathon training demanding five runs a week, the longer ones of which are further than I've trained at before, I have to admit that it's taken rather a lot of mental grit keep on top of my training plan this week. Luckily whenever I feel myself flagging I can boost my motivation by just [...]

Happy Mondays

As Mondays go, today has been pretty good. I have made it tradition to take the first working Monday of the year as holiday to let myself reset and prepare for another year of 'getting stuff done'. I started the day with the long run from my marathon training schedule that I should have done yesterday, but [...]