A toast to festive cheer!

With Christmas edging ever closer and with it, the opportunity to over-indulge, I thought this was a good opportunity to re-blog my post on the impact of alcohol on the body, with a few added extras. In attempt to mitigate the effects of the festive 'cheer', I've recently started drinking Dr Stuart's Liver Defence tea, [...]

Running ‘fast’, or running on empty?

No one likes weight creep, especially with the LBD party season fast on the approach, so when my jeans were feeling a little snug recently I decided it was time to do something about it. I thought about trying 5:2 as a few of my friends have tried it with success. However, the outcry from [...]

Luxurious long weekends

I've been feeling a bit end of term-ish and rather exhausted lately, despite the vast amount of things I still need to achieve before I finish work for Christmas. Therefore it was heavenly to be able to take some time out this week and to enjoy a long weekend away in Yorkshire. With the physical [...]

Let’s talk about sex (and sports performance)

Should you or shouldn't you have sex before a race?

Resisting temptation

I've been reading a really interesting book this week called 'Nudge' by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, which addresses the way we think about choice and make decisions in our lives relating to health, money and general well being. One of the ideas that it expounds, which I though might interest readers here, is that [...]

Red wine, olives and not much sleep, or a lesson in questionable training practices

I'm not sure how long it's been now since I accepted 'tired' as my default setting. Back in March I wrote about our tendency to be 'tired and wired', and although after that post I made tweaks to my lifestyle for a week or so, I seem to have slipped back into the same pattern [...]

It was the week that…

It's funny how some weeks seem to take an eternity, with each day ambling on without haste, while others just race by and before you know it's the weekend again. This week most certainly falls into the latter category. After a week like this, it's nice to take a minute to reflect on the goings [...]