Luxurious long weekends

I’ve been feeling a bit end of term-ish and rather exhausted lately, despite the vast amount of things I still need to achieve before I finish work for Christmas. Therefore it was heavenly to be able to take some time out this week and to enjoy a long weekend away in Yorkshire.

With the physical distance from work stresses, and with super comfy beds, fresh air and dark, silent starry nights, I enjoyed a series of nights spent actually sleeping, without the tossing and turning and panicked waking I’ve been suffering in London.

And while my running took a backseat for a few days, the weekend also included a blissful walk on Ilkley Moor, which reminded me how much I love being outside, away from the crowds and busy hubbub of the city.

Saturday saw another nod to sport, with my first trip to see Bradford City play at Valley Parade with R. As with other trips to see live sport I found myself so much more engaged and invested than when listening on the radio or watching on TV and the 90 minutes raced by.

Sadly the final score was not quite what we’d hoped for (1-1 with the opposing side, Gillingham scoring in the 93rd minute), but it was definitely an experience to be repeated (if R will have me there again!).

The weekend also involved a lot of good food and drink and I’m afraid all of the low calorie days of the previous week were undone!

Our walk on the moor was followed by a strawberry and banana smoothie and delicious parsnip and coconut soup with rye bread at the smoothie bar in Ilkley, and later with a sneaky trip to Betty’s Tea Shop!

Our Friday evening included a supper of delicious vegetable chilli and salad followed by tasty baked apples stuffed with homemade vegetarian mincemeat, topped with Alpro soya cream, all cooked by R’s mum.

On Saturday, supper was at the vegetarian restaurant the Cheerful Chilli, where we shared a meze platter of olives, hummus, falafel and sweet potato crisps to start, which I followed with an aubergine curry with pear and chilli chutney. Delish and definitely worth a visit if you in West Yorkshire.

On Sunday we also enjoyed a tasty home cooked meal of vegan cottage pie, made with lentils, pearl barley and walnuts (a recipe I intend to pinch!) and for pudding a vegan fruit crumble – perfect Sunday fayre!

Needless to say I’ll be back on the low calorie meals again this week!

While hard training, strict dieting and long days at work certainly have their place, so too do relaxed weekends, long lie-ins and healthy, hearty meals. I feel so much revived after the past few days and ready to restart and re-engage in the office and on the running track next week.

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