Time to talk?

There is something about the act of exercising that seems to encourage a sense of camaraderie and openness with fellow athletes. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the physical detachment from ordinary protocols, the shared sense of commitment to a goal, or the mutual understanding of borderline masochism that comes from spending [...]

Mud, Mettle and Mind over Matter

I am now officially a Tough Mudder! Yesterday we ran 12 hilly, muddy miles interspersed with 24 obstacles to cross the TM London South finish line. The day began at 5:00am with a quick shower, cup of tea and a banana before layering and warming up with a 2.5km run to the train station to [...]

(Soon to be) Tough Mudder

So there are just 3 more days to go until TM-day and I'll admit I'm petrified and slightly questioning why it was I thought this was such a good idea. On Sunday Sandra, Lucy and I had our second to last training session, on Thursday we have our last. Sunday's session was good fun, but [...]

The fear of missing out

It was mid-run, having raced around an 8.5k loop on my lunch break, via the store to grab some lunch, while thinking about the work for that afternoon, and panicking that I'd missed a friend's birthday, and worrying that it has been an age since I went climbing, and slightly disappointed that I'd missed an [...]

Surprisingly tasty ingredient combinations

I recently encountered a recipe on one of the health food blogs that I subscribe to, which suggested adding avocado to your porridge. Now, while I like to think of myself as being quite open to slightly unusual ingredient combinations, and while I love both porridge and avo, eaten together this just seemed a bridge [...]

Frankfurter Buchmesse

I've just returned from a productive but totally exhausting week at the Frankfurt Book Fair. For those of you not well-versed in the publishing calender, (and there is no reason why you should be), this annual trade fair offers a week of business meetings, networking opportunities and conferences. Filling 8 halls, (some of which run [...]

Two weeks, two half marathons, two very different races

Last week was a good week for running. A filming project for work at the start of the week gave me two, much needed, enforced rest days after last Sunday's half marathon. By Wednesday, however, even with an impending cold, I was chomping at the bit to get out on a run and enjoyed a [...]

Guilty pleasures (that are actually good for you)

After Monday's rather sombre post I wanted to follow up with something a little cheerier. As is often the case when you are feeling a bit low it is nice to indulge in a few guilty pleasures. Since Sunday I have been enjoying a few of my favourite things and realised that while these are [...]