Covering new ground

After weeks of trying to run through the pain, this week my ankles finally swelled up and gave up, bringing me, quite literally, to a stand still. I've been suffering from peroneal tendonitis, which began with a nagging pain running along the outside of my lower leg and into my foot and has now reached [...]

Wedding spirit(s) and off-road running

I'm back in a rather hectic London after a heavenly weekend away with my family. We spent four days in North Yorkshire for a wedding combined with country walks, country runs and plenty of alfresco eating. It was the wedding of two of my favourite people in the world: Matt is one of my oldest [...]

Fat is not just a feminist issue

During a post-climb pub trip with some of the guys from The Arch last week I found myself engaged in a conversation about the perennially interesting and almost invariably controversial topic of diet. It was fascinating to have an insight into the male perspective on diet and to hear their thoughts on body proportions and [...]

Climbing out of my comfort zone

In the week post Font I've been climbing more than ever. I'm determined to improve my technique, try new things and move up a grade.On Friday I did some technical training with James, a friend from The Arch, who is an amazingly beautiful climber. He makes every move look effortless and graceful, almost dancing up [...]

First trip to Font

I've just returned from a perfect long weekend of climbing and campfires in Fontainebleau with a group of friends from The Arch. After much planning and anticipation we packed our climbing shoes and chalk bags and set off from work on Thursday evening, making our way down to Calais for a 9pm crossing followed by [...]