Marathon training: here we go again 

Last week marked the start of my 2016 marathon training plan. Just like last year, I am relying on a Hal Higdon schedule to get me through, and, just like last year, I'm totally terrified that I won't be able to go the distance. You would think that having run the HH training plan previously [...]

Why it’s ok to be a tortoise 

No matter how fast you are, there will always be somebody somewhere who is faster. These were wise words from a fellow Mornington Chaser at a cross country meet last week, as we discussed the relative merits and downfalls of our respective races. I was worrying about being slower than my other teammates and these [...]

Step to it!

Last year David Sedaris wrote an essay, published in The New Yorker, entitled 'Stepping Out', in which he reflected on his relationship with his Fitbit. In his inimitable style, Sedaris described how the acquisition of this little watch-like pedometer turned walking from a hobby into a competitive sport and then into an obsession. With his [...]

On running and writing

Regular visitors to the site may have noticed that I've been doing a little blog housekeeping of late. I've refreshed the layout and organised my posts to make it easier to view them thematically, whether you are interested in Running, Yoga, Swimming, Climbing, Recipes and Nutrition, Marathon Training, Mind and Body, or Guest Posts. This menu is [...]

Bringing you up to speed

Regular readers may have noticed that over the last couple of weeks I've not been writing as much as usual. This isn't as a result of a dip in enthusiasm, a dearth of inspiration, or a lull in my running - far from it. Instead, I lay the blame for my lack of output at [...]


This weekend I ran in my first trail race. The event was part of the Rat Race Trailblazer series, in association with Runner's World; held in Bedgebury Forest, just outside of Tunbridge Wells, it was the perfect setting on the most beautiful, sunny day. I entered the race with my Tough Mudder pals, Lucy and [...]

Getting (un)comfortable

When you've been doing any sport for a prolonged period, it's not unusual to suddenly realise that you've been resting in your comfort zone. If I'm honest, I'm a comfort zone kind of a girl. I'm happy to kick out a gentle 8km jog of a lunch break, or a lazy Sunday 15km along the canal, and [...]

Life after a marathon

So you train and then you train some more. You eat, sleep and breath marathon. It motivates you on your long runs and it's the intention of your yoga practice. You've read all the books and bought all of the kit and then, suddenly, it's all over. From my (albeit limited) experience, people respond to [...]

Marathon fever – Paris

Regular readers may be vaguely aware (I think I might have alluded to it once or twice?!) that on Sunday I was set to run in the Paris marathon. After months of training, lots of new kit (all totally necessary of course), a number of practice races, miles of long Sunday runs (and post-run Sunday afternoon [...]

April, the new January?

As holidays go, Easter is easily my favourite. Much like Christmas, it’s the only holiday when work completely comes to halt and everyone, in the UK at least, takes a long weekend, guilt-free in the knowledge that their inbox isn’t going to be backing up in their absence. Unlike Christmas, however, there is less of [...]