What I think about when I think about climbing

I've not been in the mood to write these past few days; I've got another injury which means that running is painful and I've not been able to go as far or fast as I'd like. The positive side is that, in the absence of running, I've been focusing on my climbing. In fact, over [...]

Marathon fever – London

Running a marathon is something I used to think other people did. Don't get me wrong, I love running, but I never really thought that my legs could take 26 miles of it, or at least that was the case, until recently... The seeds were sewn back in February when my running friend Bex and [...]

From Book Fair to Ballet

With one thing and another I've not done as much exercise this week as I would have liked to. Although I did manage to get out for a run on Monday lunchtime, my plan to climb in the evening was thwarted by a late night in the office. An exhausting three days at the London Book [...]

In conversation with Victoria Pendleton

There is something about the dedication and discipline of professional athletes that leaves me in a degree of awe. For me, looking to these sporting idols plays a valuable role in motivating my training and, by extension, enhance my performance. At club level, I've always picked out players or team mates I aspire to match, [...]

Be:Fit London, the new Vitality Show?

The Vitality Show has been an annual event on my calendar for some years now; a decadent day of health and fitness related products, talks, food and fashion, shared with my water polo team mate and fellow vegan Soph. The show is always a great way to indulge our exercise and alternative eating interests, as [...]