Movers and Shakers – delicious vegan breakfast smoothies

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that my Nutribullet has revolutionised my morning routine. From bright green cucumber, spinach and spirulina shakes to vibrant orange mango, carrot and turmeric smoothies, breakfast has never been so colourful or so jam-packed with nutritional goodness.

Prior to the Nutribullet I wouldn’t have considered foods such as cucumbers, carrots and courgettes to be breakfast fare, or turmeric and cayenne pepper come to that, and I don’t think I even knew what chlorella and spirulina were – but now all of these are among my breakfast staples.

While packing a vitamin-rich punch, I also find my morning juices give me the hydration hit I needs first thing and they don’t leave me feeling heavy or acidic as oats or muesli sometimes do.

So what do I put in these magical morning mixes?


I usually start with a veggie base, either half a carrot, a generous chunk of cucumber or a similar sized chunk of courgette, this gives substance without the sugar overload.

Next I’ll add either half an avocado or half a frozen banana to give a delicious ‘creamy’ texture.

Then comes something fruity – some frozen berries, cherries or mango, or even some fresh apple, kiwi or pear.

This is topped with a handful of greens – spinach or kale – and a couple of dates for sweetness.

After this come my ‘boosters’, a teaspoon of spirulina, rich in b vitamins and protein, and chlorella, which is soothing to the digestive system, turmeric for it’s anti inflammatory properties and cinnamon to balance my blood sugar (and because it’s delish!).

I may also add a nut element too – some ground Brazil nuts, flaxseed and coenzyme q 10, a couple of cashews, almonds, or a teaspoon of nut butter.

Gingembre et piments rougesI really like my smoothies to have an extra kick so usually include half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper or a chunk of ginger. All of this is whizzed up with a glug of water and a glug of soya, nut, rice, coconut or oat milk or coconut water depending on what I have in the fridge.

Finally I’ll stir in some chia seeds and leave them to soak overnight so they go all glutinous and yummy.

So lots of potential ingredients and combinations to try.

  • A recent favourite is cucumber, spinach, banana, spirulina, cinnamon, dates, ground flaxseed and chia.
  • Mango, carrot, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, banana, dates and Brazil nuts is also a delish combination.
  • As is ginger, pear, avo, spinach, chlorella, cashew and dates.
  • Or if I’m really indulging I may have banana, avo, cinnamon, dates and almond butter.

I’d recommend experimenting with flavours and combinations you perhaps might not immediately think would work, and making juices up the night before and leaving in the fridge to chill over night. If you don’t have time to make a breakfast shake the night before, frozen banana and a few ice cubes whizzed in works well and if I’m making a juice first thing I’ll pop it into the freezer while I do 20 minutes of yoga so it’s nice and chilled by the time I come to drink it.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to start your own morning shake routine.

Until my next, happy mixing!


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