A new vegan cake fuelling system for marathon training?

With Lent now in full swing I debated writing a post about abstinence this week. Whether it's cutting back on a vice such as alcohol or caffeine, laying off the chocolate or avoiding sugar, being abstemious, and knowing that you can do without one thing or another, can be incredibly empowering. Indeed, since the yoga retreat [...]

Brain Pickings: On thinking fast and running slow

Last week I struggled with my long run. The issue was not so much physical as mental. I found myself counting down every kilometre, my mind jumping from fatigue, to boredom, to hunger (I'm still running fasted, although with my distances mounting I think I'm reaching the tipping point at which I can do this) [...]

Good fats – and I’m not talking avos and almonds

This week I read an article in the New Scientist by Chloe Lambert about 'good fats'. Now this wasn't the usual spiel about avocados, nuts and olive oil (although all of these are indeed both good and fats), but rather, it was about 'brown fat' and its apparent ability to help us to lose weight. The existence of [...]