Fat versus Thin or Form versus Function?

I love my body. There's a sentence you rarely hear. And this is something that's been playing on my mind, particularly following on from the recent backlash, featured in various news articles and on social media this week, against the latest Protein World adverts. In case you haven't seen them, the ads show a woman, with the [...]

Find what feels good

As regular readers will know, I seem to have discovered my inner yogi of late. In fact, while I've been getting over my post-race cold and chest infection (I'm currently coughing like a 40-a-day smoker and even I have to concede that running just isn't a good idea), yoga has been my saviour. I discovered [...]

Life after a marathon

So you train and then you train some more. You eat, sleep and breath marathon. It motivates you on your long runs and it's the intention of your yoga practice. You've read all the books and bought all of the kit and then, suddenly, it's all over. From my (albeit limited) experience, people respond to [...]

Fit for the Fair?

London Book Fair comes around each year with terrifying rapidity. No sooner have you spotted the first daffodils of spring do you find yourself up to your elbows in European publishers as they descend on South Ken and its environs, all suave and set, ready for some bookish business. With rights deals flying left, right [...]

Marathon fever – Paris

Regular readers may be vaguely aware (I think I might have alluded to it once or twice?!) that on Sunday I was set to run in the Paris marathon. After months of training, lots of new kit (all totally necessary of course), a number of practice races, miles of long Sunday runs (and post-run Sunday afternoon [...]

April, the new January?

As holidays go, Easter is easily my favourite. Much like Christmas, it’s the only holiday when work completely comes to halt and everyone, in the UK at least, takes a long weekend, guilt-free in the knowledge that their inbox isn’t going to be backing up in their absence. Unlike Christmas, however, there is less of [...]