Tired of running?

There was a poster in the gym that I used to go to which said 'that extra mile is between your ears'. It was pretty much all there was to look at from the treadmill, so I found myself reading it over and over again. It's testimony to the power of repetition that this message [...]

Just a form-ality

During the course of Sunday's 17 miles I noticed a pain in my hip. After 6 miles it was nagging, after 10 it had travelled down to include my knee and by the final few miles to say it was pretty sore would be an understatement. The pain cast a shadow on an otherwise really [...]

Mind games

I watched this TED talk this morning and it really moved me and got me thinking. I don't want to paraphrase or summarise in this instance, I just urge you to watch. (Opens in a new window)

It’s on my list…

It may not be altogether surprising to learn that I am of a disposition whereby I take great pleasure in writing a good list. I like to see the tasks ahead of me, to tick them off and to have a tangible indicator of jobs done, of progress. I have a list of my weekly runs [...]

The laws of attraction

With Valentine's day imminent I thought I'd take the opportunity to consider the age old question of attraction and ask, why do we fall in love with the people we do and what makes them attractive to us? When you look back through your 'ex files' do you wonder what links the people you've dated [...]

Halfway to marathon day

With 8 weeks down and just 9 to go I am fast approaching the half way point of my marathon training schedule. This week was pull-back week, where I only needed to run 4,4,5,13 miles. Only going out three times during the week felt rather sneaky now that I'm getting accustomed to four weekday runs. [...]

Stop running! Oh hang on, actually no don’t.

This week you might have caught the story doing the rounds with the sensationalist headline: 'too much running could be as bad for you as no exercise at all.'