Festive indulgences

Each year I save up my annual leave so I can take the days from Christmas Eve to the 2nd January as holiday and escape the hectic hustle and bustle of London by retreating to my parents' house. This is the one time of year when I know my inbox can withstand the break and when [...]

When does just running become marathon training?

With just 16 weeks until the Paris Marathon, I've been starting to think seriously about my marathon training schedule. Although I run three or four times a week at the moment, I know that I will need to turn this up a notch if I want to complete the 26 miles that lie ahead. So [...]

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

In the spirit of all things festive I've found myself a new favourite winter treat - roasted chestnuts. A paper bag of hot chestnuts from the South Bank Christmas market got me hooked, and this weekend when I celebrated Christmas with my housemates before we all disappear for the holiday period, I decided to make [...]

Natural highs

While I know that ultimately results come from regular training session and plenty of hard work, I'm still not adverse to hearing about natural solutions that might help boost performance. These are particularly welcome when they include items which might ordinarily be counted as indulgences, such as coffee and dark chocolate! Recent reading has highlighted [...]

Running in the Windy City

A work trip this past week has allowed me to add another city to my 10 city running challenge. I've just returned from seven days in Chicago, where a sales conference was interspersed with incredible art institutions, spectacular views and of course, running. When I arrived and the temperature was down to -7 I strongly [...]