Over the years my blog has evolved from a running diary, to a mum journal, to a miscellaneous collection of essays interspersed with some running news and mum worries. In all of its forms I hope you continue to enjoy my writing, that you find it thought provoking and at times maybe even inspiring.

Cycling in Italy

About me

I’m a mid-pack runner, life-long swimmer and swimming teacher in training, lover of the outdoors, vegan and mum. 

I was brought up in a family where getting outdoors and being active were the norm. Family holidays meant lots of walking on the North York Moors, trips to outdoor activity centres where we could go climbing and kayaking, and sports camps at the local athletics stadium. We went to dance and gymnastics classes, competed for our local swimming club and played netball, hockey and rounders for the school teams. Exercise was never about the number of hours spent in the gym or the number of calories burnt, but about being part of a team, trying something new and having fun. 

Archery while very pregnant!

This is an approach to exercise that I have carried through into my adult life. I’m most happy when I’m moving, be that in a pool, yoga studio or on a running trail. I love trying out new activities, and having a baby has been a great opportunity to take part in a variety of mum and baby fitness classes (with varying degrees of success!).

Exercising with the small girl

Having a healthy diet and one which is kind to my body and the planet is also important to me. I took the decision to stop eating meat when I was eight years old, and ten years ago I gave up animal products altogether. Over the past few years it’s been so great to see the growth of the plant-based movement and fantastic to enjoy all of the new vegan products on the market. I’m so excited to be raising my daughter at a time when the acceptance and awareness of the importance of going meat-free seems to be at an all-time high. 

Ice skating badly with my sister-in-law

Since starting the blog, I’ve completed a Tough Mudder, run a marathon, learned to climb, started to ski, fallen back in love with swimming, become a regular yogi, oh and had a baby! Needless to say, my body has changed a lot over the past five years, as has my attitude to food, fitness and wellbeing.

Running pals

From Pilates to protein shakes and bouldering to barefoot running, this blog provides a record of all of the tips and truths and traumas of training for a whole range of sporting events.

Swimming and waterpolo pals

Enjoy my posts on the below subjects:

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